DESIGNhaus is a small, Calgary-based boutique design/build firm that focuses on inner city new construction and high-end renovations. Claire Steinmann, the principal of DESIGNhaus, has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary and has expertise in residential design and construction management.  


From conception through to completion, Claire Steinmann is the main point of contact during the process of design and development. This entire process is one of collaboration and consultation with a host of ideas, concepts and examples provided to clients.  As a boutique firm DESIGNhaus has a close knit and long standing relationship with a cohort of skilled, innovative and talented craftsmen who help to make ideas a reality, and who work in close collaboration both with Claire and with each other to create a smooth, seamless experience. 

"...Claire gutted the house and turned it into a dream home that is beautiful, very practical, and ideal for two seniors or a family of five.  The elevator, among other elements, makes the house totally barrier free and the independent suite in the basement is ideal for a care giver as the residents age.  The design takes maximum advantage of the spectacular views from the living room, dining room, and kitchen. ... There are a lot of brilliant and novel features in the home..."
"Thank you so much for all that you've done for us. We really appreciate your beautiful work, advice and time spent answering questions. 
We are so happy in our new house and it was because of your vision. Thanks again."
Claire Steinmann, B.A., M.Arch


Tel: 403-614-2163


"Thank you so very much Claire for all your work transforming our home. We have such a beautiful family space now thanks to your passion and talent. Thank you!!"


Based on many years of study and research and on a number of home projects, DESIGNhaus has developed a strong and coherent philosophy.  DESIGNhaus believes in creating harmony and balance between two traditionally opposing forces: function and design. To clarify, the following statements help to illuminate the two terms as they relate to a home: 

Function is the practical purpose of a 'thing,' whether it is an entire building or a milled piece in a room. Design is the act of creating a space that will be aesthetically pleasing and holistic, with all the elements and objects in that space developed in a coherent manner. DESIGNhaus is motivated by the desire to create livable spaces that are flexible and that meet the needs of our continually evolving lifestyles.


It is critical for DESIGNhaus to create a balance between function and design: not sacrificing one element to fulfill the other. Clean and well-thought-out design improves lifestyle. Humans need desirable, aesthetic yet functional home environments in which to live —freeing minds and physical spaces from "clutter."


Consequently, the spaces should be purposefully-created and thoughtfully-designed to provide the functionality and versatility that is necessary.


The expression of form, materiality and spatial configuration is driven by the desire to provide living spaces that act as a blank canvas in which personalities and lifestyles become the art that fills that canvas.


DESIGNhaus strives to do just that!